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"Hydrogen Peroxide Product Line"

1. OxygenHeal 6% H2O2 available in Half Gallons and Gallons
2. OxygenHeal for Gums & Whiter Teeth this is 6% H2O2 w/Clove Essential Oil
Sold in a 4 oz sprayer
3.SuperOxygenHeal is 35% Hydrogen Peroxide. Available in gallons only on the Big Island at all 4 Island Naturals stores in, and Pahoa Battery and Propane or may be Special Ordered by calling Green for Life at 808-982-6133

NOTE:A new"SuperOxygenHeal" Page has been constructed, Click on it for more info on Super OxygenHeal.

Below are many other uses for "OxygenHeal"

"OxygenHeal" has many Household uses:
1.AQUARIUMS: Add 6 ounces of 6% H2O2 for each 20 gallons of water in your Fish Tanks
2.LAUNDRY: Add 4 ounces of 6% H2O2 to your washer along with 2 tablespoons of baking soda & liquid detergent.
3. VEGETABLE WASH: Dilute 1 part 6% H2O2 to 5 parts purified water and dip vegetables, drain and seal in ziploc bags it will not only kill bacteria but it will more that double life of green leafy vegetables
4. PLANT STIMULATOR: Dilute by adding 2 ounces of H2O2 to a gallon of water, mist onto plants and pour on ground around plants also can be used as pet water for worms
5. PLANT INSECTICIDE: Dilute by adding 4 ounces of 6% H2O2 to 1 gallon of water to make
6. MOUTHWASH/ANTI-INFECTIVE: Dilute by putting 1/2 OxygenHeal to 1/2 Purified Water to make 3% or 2 to 1 to make one and a half %, no acid stablizers in OxygenHeal.

"OxygenHeal" shown in the picture to the left in now only Half Gallons and Gallons. They are available in most Natural Food Stores in the State of Hawaii.
- - - - "OxygenHeal" - - - - is 6% Hydrogen Peroxide

"Super OxygenHeal" which is 35% Hydrogen Peroxide is available in gallons only at the above mentioned stores, plus now in Pahoa at "Pahoa Battery and Propane" or by calling Green for Life at 808-982-6133


User's state: Regular spraying of THE ULTIMATE DUEL PURPOSE SOLUTION which now you can make yourself by adding 20 drops of Tea Tree Essenial Oil to a quart of OxygenHeal 6% H2O2. It will prevent Mold and Mildew
Users tell us for Household use, It not only stops mold and mildew, but prevents it from starting again provided you spray needed areas about 3 times each week.
Personal Use: Users again state by applying to the skin it helps relieve pain also great for even serious skin problems like emphysema, scabies, and cancer. Spraying or Dipping is great for Athletes Foot.

The kitchen is the worst mold growing area, if you look on the bottom inside the plastic cup that sets in your dish drainer holding silver/flatware YOU WILL FIND MOLD the bacteria in that mold is transported to your family on your spoons, forks & knives.
THE ULTIMATE DUEL PURPOSE SOLUTION Formally called THE ULTIMATE NATURAL CLEAN is now in most Natural Food Stores If your store does not have it ask them to order by calling
Green for Life 808-982-6133

This page updated  Apr 9, 2010