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Super OxygenHeal is 35% Hydrogen Peroxide
With Super OxygenHeal half as much is 3 times as effective. If you were using 1 quart of OxygenHeal the 6% H2O2 in your bathtub for your Oxygen Supplement Bath now you can start with a half a pint of Super OxygenHeal and work up to a full pint. 

The Oxygen level of your blood stream controls the effectiveness of your Immune System. It is most likely 60 to 70% (which is according to research the level of the average American) this is TOO LOW and puts you at risk for disease.
Users tell us that Super OxygenHeal baths 3 times each week will bring your level up to the 80 to 90% range and start the Anti-Aging Process.

Super OxygenHeal is available by special order by calling Green for Life on the Big Island of Hawaii at 808-982-6133 If you live on the Big Island it's available also from all 4 Island Naturals stores ,If you are on the other Hawaiian Islalnds, Call Sherri at Vim and Vigor at 808-955-3600.
"Green for Life" cannot ship to the Continental USA. 

We are all aware that the air we breath today is contaminated, but what you may not know is that comtamination has cut the Oxygen Level of the air we breathe to less than 1/2 of what it was in the begining of the 20th Century
This is why your blood stream oxygen level is so low. FACT: The average American has a blood stream Oxygen level of 60 to 70% THIS IS TOO LOW and puts you at risk for disease. Below 52% life cannot exist.

This page updated Apr 9, 2010